Wednesday, February 19, 2014


That's a BUNCH of Blarney! Sign
sign measures 14" tall x 12" wide

Hanging Leprechaun

Hanging Leprechaun Face  $23

LOOK at the PAST St. Patrick's Day crafts!!!  You can choose from all of those TOO!!!

Laundry Room Subway Art

Laundry Room Subway Art
measures 12" tall x 15" wide

Choose your Tiers Stand!

Darling Cupcake or Cake Stand
$19 for 1 tiered cake stand
stands 4" tall x12" wide

$29  for 2 tiers
stands 10" tall x12" wide

$39  for all 3 tiers
stands 19 1/2" tall x 12" wide

Choose your color!

Picture or Card Holder

Cute Card (recipe, picture or whatever) Holder
holds 4" x6" photo & stands 12 1/2" tall
$15 ea
choose your colors!

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