Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Pool OR Backyard Rules

Pool Rules $40
Backyard Rules $40
or $45 if I paint it for you!!!

Summer insert for Easel

Summer Insert for Easel $20

Scalloped Frame Trailer & Sunflower

Trailer or Sunflower for Scalloped Frame $20 ea.
Scalloped Frame $35

August inserts for 2' x 2' Changeable Frame

Inserts for Changeable Frame. $25 ea
Changeable Frame $35


Pledge of Allegiance. $40

Flag for Scalloped Frame

Flag for Scalloped Frame. $25
Scalloped Frame $35

Uncle Sam (Hanging)

Uncle Sam $25

July 2' x2' inserts

Inserts $25 ea
Frame $35

Scalloped Frame Daisy and Birdcage

Daisy or Bird cage $20

2' x 2' Inserts for Changeable Frame

Inserts for frame $25
Changeable Frame$35

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