Friday, February 27, 2009

Tall Bunny (5' Tall) $55 I will paint her!!!
Rabbit Wreath $25
Easter Egg $19

Frame $12 Bunny (We will paint her cuter!!!) $3
Decorate your own Easter Egg $3

Hoppy Spring $14

Don't forget to check out the "To everything there is a season"! $17


Unknown said...

These are really cute Wendy, I've always admired your work. Maybe one of these days things will be a little more stable that I'll be able to participate in the make and take night. :) Looking forward!

Stacy Child

Renee said...

I would really like to purchase your pattern for the rabbit wreath and leprachaun...they are so adorable!!! I don't live close enough to participate, but that is such a fun idea! Thanks, Renee

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